Search Engine Optimization

How SEO Works

As a business owner or operator, you probably never receive dozens of emails per day offering you SEO services. But what are these emails really offering? What is Search Engine Optimization?

From all the marketers who call and email, you probably know that search engine optimization is all about getting your website to the first page of Google. You might even think that it’s about getting into the top position, and you would be partially accurate. In fact, what happens is much deeper and more intense than anything any of these marketers want to do for you.

For fast results, they’ll order links from websites that will give you a bump on Google. You’re impressed. You don’t care where they’re sourcing their work, or that they’re violating the search engines’ terms of service. You pay them, and they’re on their way to their next customer. Maybe the results last, and maybe they don’t. Maybe you show up at the top for a keyword that matters, maybe you show up for something that no one is searching. But hey, they can show you that you’re at the top of Google.

That’s where we’re different.

We start by taking an in-depth look at your website. We analyze the way your content is written, who is linking to you and why, and what information is out there about your website. Once we have all the data, we compile and use it to generate a plan specifically for your needs, so that your website doesn’t just show up first on the search engines, but that it will stay there, providing great content that attracts new links from reputable sources.

We start with strong content.

Now more than ever, it’s important to feature well-written content that covers the subject matter at hand. Gone are the days where you can use every variant of a word without good context and expect the search engines to like your page. In fact, what is on your site should look less like sales copy and more like a white paper thesis on the subject – but at the same time compact and easy to digest. Do you really want to trust your website to someone whose grasp of the English language led them to send you a poorly-written email in the first place?

When you write your content for the machines – the search engines, that is – you make it difficult for people to read. As the search engines become smarter, they’re looking for content to be easily understood by people. In short, gone are the days of this:

search engine optimization meme of a drink with the caption, "An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, beer garden, nightclub, mini bar, tavern, pub, wine, alcohol."

It’s all about quality. You want your content to demonstrate that you are the expert.

We do NOT offer SEO as a standalone product. Ever.

Why? A few reasons.

  • It’s a short-term benefit and if not properly maintained could lead to long-term disadvantages – even disaster!
  • We’re a single-client-per-vertical company. We find it unethical to help one company on a short-term basis, then turn around and help their competitor next.
  • The long-term benefit compared to the cost for you is too low.¬†We never recommend any activity that won’t have a high ROI.
  • It’s not in anyone’s best interests. You might get a short win, but at the end
  • Frankly, we’re just not interested. For all the reasons above, and because once we’re done we release any and all access to make improvements,

Setting proper SEO goals

If you’re in business, there’s one thing you want: New clients.

Most websites today are built like a billboard or business card, not as a machine that can bring in new clients. While that can be nice for some lines of business, why pay for a website if it’s not going to create a return of some sort?

When the eLuxurate team maps out a plan to improve your online presence, search engine optimization is a key part of the strategy.

Advantages of working with us

When you work with eLuxurate, we’re in it for your success – because it’s our success. We not only help you to dominate your marketplace, but we help the competition to work to your advantage.

But what does all that really mean? More new clients for you, and better retention of your existing clients.

Depending on your industry, your present clients may use you several times a year, or they may only use you when disaster strikes in their lives. Either way, our programs ensure that you are either the company they find when they need you, or the friend they can count on.

Our approach is holistic. After all, what is it you want: to be at the top of Google for something that doesn’t drive business your way, or to have your phone ringing off the hook? We assume it’s the latter.

If you’d like to explore partnering with eLuxurate, please take a moment and let us know. While we don’t approve every company for a partnership, we make sure to provide value just for talking to us.

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